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Four outstanding facts are revealed in this passage concerning the entire creation: 1 all was created in the Son; 2 all was created through the Son; 3 all was created for the Son; 4 all creation has its cohesion in the Son. Thayer, D. The fact that all was created for the Son raises the question: In what sense is all to be for the Son, and how will this be brought about?

Since all was created for the Son, He was appointed enjoyer of the allotment of all. It is not God's plan and purpose that part of the creation shall ultimately be for the Adversary and part of it for God's Son. Neither is it God's plan that part of the creation shall finally be left to Sin and Death and only part be given to His Son. God's purpose is that the whole creation shall ultimately be for His Son. The subjection of all to God's Son is repeatedly referred to in the Scriptures cf 1 Cor. Those who read a forced subjection of unwilling creatures into this theme, ascribe characteristics to God which dishonor Him.

Philippians ,11 makes it clear that a loving and joyful subjection of a redeemed creation is in view.

Not one will be missing! He is indeed a triumphant Saviour and Lord. The plan and purpose of God for His creatures goes even beyond the subjection of all to the Son. God's plan and purpose is that all shall ultimately be conformed to His risen, glorified Son. In this connection, one must first understand what God is doing for the chosen 2 Tim. God selected him. He knew him before he was formed. It is one thing to brag about who you know.

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It is quite another thing to boast about who knows you. God knows you and claims to know you. Not only did God know Jeremiah, He chose him. Nothing makes a person feel better than to be chosen by someone. Knowing everything about you even before you were conceived, your strengths and flaws, your obedience and disobedience, God chose you.

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Handmade items always have a greater value. You are a one-of-a-kind creation of God. God also sanctified the prophet. He was set apart for a special purpose. God has special plans for you Jeremiah God has chosen you to do things and say things that will impact all time and eternity. He sanctioned Jeremiah to carry out that plan. He gave him authoritative permission and approval to act. This was a confirmation of the authority God had bestowed on Jeremiah.

What Was The Purpose Of Creating Mankind According To The Bible? | Jack Wellman

Jeremiah related to God his fear of rejection because of his youth. Young Timothy had the same problem. Thank you for writing this article! I am so blessed from this post, I was preparing a message to be delivered on my office bus as we ride to work, on the subject: The Benefits of a Purpose Driven Living, and I was looking for appropriate scriptures when I came across your post that satisfied my ideal search, I am so blessed. Thank you Mr. Go against your conscience and you will do things which God has consented for you.

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In the end, God will get you to where He wants you to be — on your knees. The Bible does teach that whosoever may come and whosoever believes will be saved. People are responsible for rejecting Jesus and for trusting in Him. Our concise the scripture says the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked God asked who knows it? He answered his own question I know it. Study to show thy self approved rightly dividing the word of truth no where in any scripture did his word say anything about yielding to a concise if that was all it took there would be no reason for Christ on the cross.

What Was The Purpose Of Creating Mankind According To The Bible?

If you want me to give you scriptures please request and I will be more than happy to share that info with you… Bless you and if you need anything please feel free to reach out. God bless u.

GOD’S PLAN FOR YOU - Understanding Your Purpose - Inspirational & Motivational Video

I wish I could be recievibng mails from u. Hello Isaac.

You can receive emails from us. Thank you for directing us to these passages on purpose. Your co-laboring with the Lord is encouraging. Thank you. I needed some motivation especially with quotes for the bible and this has really helped me as a person.

Am greatly blessed to know God has a purpose for me, I only need to fulfill the purpose am meant for, I pray to God that I am early as possible know my purpose here on earth, please can you Jack well man assist with more verses on how I can know my purpose so that I can captallize on it as early as possible. Hello Lawrence. We know that doing the will of God is doing what God purposed for us to do. I have been a Christian for 41 years. Right now I am struggling with whether God knows what is best for our lives.

We are supposed to accept everything that happens to us in our life. When I look back on my life I am really disappointed in the way things have turned out. Sit down and talk with him about this. God has a purpose behind pain and it is to make us more like Christ. Thanks really helped This will be my 1st Time. We need to invest in our youth!! We All Have A Purpose even the little itty bitty 1s!! Thanks for this article — very much helpful on my journey.

I found this article to be such a blesding.

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Your scripture references are spot on and very helpful.